Definition of bread-and-butter pudding in English:

bread-and-butter pudding


mass noun
  • A dessert consisting of slices of bread and butter layered with dried fruit and sugar and baked with a mixture of milk and egg.

    • ‘‘What young blokes need,’ says Dave, dishing me up a helping of his excellent home-baked bread-and-butter pudding, ‘are strong, macho role models.’’
    • ‘Michael has kindly offered his culinary skills and will be demonstrating how to make the perfect bread-and-butter pudding.’
    • ‘Desserts feature all the usual childhood stand-bys: rhubarb crumble, knickerbocker glory and bread-and-butter pudding.’
    • ‘I rounded off with a beautifully moist bread-and-butter pudding served with ice-cream.’
    • ‘She apparently favours plain food, such as lamb cutlets or roast beef, with bread-and-butter pudding or ice-cream to follow.’
    • ‘Belgian chocolate pot with biscuits won over the vanilla bread-and-butter pudding, but most intriguing was the Bailey's banoffee crème brûlée.’
    • ‘I can never resist bread-and-butter pudding with crème anglaise, but the sodden, lumpen contents of my bowl were at odds with the brilliance of the efforts earlier in the evening.’
    • ‘Finally, we shared a bread-and-butter pudding, which had a caramelised surface but was cold in the middle.’
    • ‘They're fun, vary in difficulty and range from simple stocks to bread-and-butter pudding.’
    • ‘I could add that even the puddings were up to scratch - my bread-and-butter pudding was one of the better versions I've had recently - but that would be to miss the point.’
    • ‘I suggest using hot cross buns to make the most delicious bread-and-butter pudding.’
    • ‘Even trusty favourites like bread-and-butter pudding are anything but run-of-the-mill here.’
    • ‘Eileen chose plain bread-and-butter pudding, which she declared sophisticated and light, and deliciously buttery.’
    • ‘A good-sized portion of bread-and-butter pudding was much more rewarding.’
    • ‘While I polished off the vino, Judi finished with a manageable baked coconut and lime dessert, which she reckoned was more figure-friendly than the white chocolate and whisky bread-and-butter pudding.’
    • ‘In our corner of the BBC offices last week, the chat moved from the water-cooler to the canteen at lunchtime over an indifferent bread-and-butter pudding.’
    • ‘Just as well because the Library was this afternoon presented with some left-over bread-and-butter pudding of which I scoffed quite a big piece - yum!’
    • ‘Of course, some might recommend a bread-and-butter pudding.’
    • ‘The other day they made me a bread-and-butter pudding.’


bread-and-butter pudding