Definition of brazenly in English:



  • In a bold and shameless way.

    ‘they are brazenly defying the law’
    as submodifier ‘brazenly bad performances on instruments they can't play’
    • ‘We could see our drug advertised on TV, in commercials brazenly aimed at kids and teens.’
    • ‘It is mind-numbingly, brazenly, oppressively stupid.’
    • ‘I admire people who can just brazenly go through the world.’
    • ‘The rest of us will gaze upon this with a mixture of amusement, fascination, and confusion at the brazenly bizarre comedy.’
    • ‘The Greek king openly and brazenly competes with a god for the hearts and minds of many of his subjects.’
    • ‘It is all brazenly played with the same unflinching naturalistic conviction.’
    • ‘The story brazenly slaps unregulated capitalism hard across the face.’
    • ‘It was so brazenly wrong that it was wonderful.’
    • ‘His character is brazenly fearless and contemptuous of rivals, but we never get a sense of why this story needed to be told.’
    • ‘Voters reacted in anger to that brazenly political move.’