Definition of braze in English:



[with object]often as adjective brazed
  • Form, fix, or join by soldering with an alloy of copper and zinc at high temperature.

    ‘a brazed joint’
    ‘a disc is brazed to the cut-off end of the drill shank’
    • ‘In addition, they can be joined by brazing and soldering.’
    • ‘Patented brazing techniques were combined with self-aligning parts to provide a completely sealed device.’
    • ‘During World War II new brazing alloys of silver were developed.’
    • ‘Not only can a high-power microwave oven be used to cook food, it can be harnessed for joining, carburizing, sintering, brazing, nitriding, and annealing metal parts.’
    • ‘The crown and back comprise a single element separated by a hollow space joined by brazing the parts together.’
    • ‘Copper can also be welded, brazed and soldered satisfactorily.’
    • ‘It can be brazed in an entirely inert-gas atmosphere.’
    • ‘No, someone brazed his door handles solid yesterday and epoxy-resined his windows shut.’
    • ‘The handle is welded to the body rather than brazed or silver soldered.’
    • ‘The metallization allows the fiber to be soldered to the ferrule, which in turn can be brazed to the side of the package for a hermetic seal.’
    • ‘A typical use is the production of hermetic joints for vacuum brazing applications.’
    • ‘These steels are also brazed using nickel alloy filler metal.’
    • ‘When a diamond is brazed to a metal substrate, while obtaining a stable joining strength, a joined interface of the diamond is not eroded to provide a good joint with a beautiful view.’
    • ‘Each barrel of a double rifle is brazed along a central axis where the barrels are joined.’
    • ‘Almost any method of joining is applicable to aluminum: riveting, welding, brazing or soldering.’
    • ‘Magnesium can be welded by many of the arc and resistance welding processes, as well as by the oxyfuel gas welding process, and it can be brazed.’
    • ‘They can be readily brazed, and many coppers and copper alloys can be welded by various gas, arc and resistance methods.’
    • ‘French armorers, I understand, commonly brazed two magazines end-to-end to facilitate a rapid reload.’
    • ‘Bolt body and handle are forged in one piece, unlike many current actions in which the bolt handle is brazed or welded on.’
    • ‘The convex top is impressed with diamond patterning and is brazed to the body of the thimble.’


  • A brazed joint.


Late 17th century: from French braser ‘solder’, ultimately of Germanic origin.