Definition of braxy in English:



mass noun
  • A fatal bacterial infection of young sheep, occurring chiefly in upland areas in winter.

    The bacterium is Clostridium septicum

    • ‘C septicum also causes braxy in sheep, a highly fatal infection characterized by toxemia and inflammation of the abomasal wall.’
    • ‘The virtual elimination of diseases such as pulpy kidney, blackleg, braxy and lamb dysentery back in the 1940's is a prime example of the pioneering work that was carried out at our research institute.’
    • ‘Some were injected with streptococci, some with staphylococci, and some with Clostridium septique (the cause of braxy, a deadly sheep disease).’
    • ‘Games like yesterday will provide the basis for braxy season.’
    • ‘Such other clostridials include black disease, blackleg, braxy, bacterial redwater and tetanus.’


Late 18th century: perhaps from obsolete brack ‘break, flaw’, from Germanic base of break.