Definition of brawniness in English:



  • See brawny

    • ‘If you want something really quiet, you're going to sacrifice a degree of brawniness.’
    • ‘While he may look like the strongest green powerhouse around, he's got nothing against the extraordinary strength of spinach or the out-of-this-world brawniness of broccoli.’
    • ‘A Byzantine chalice, Bible, or wood carving has a kind of heft, a hand-made brawniness.’
    • ‘He made it very clear that his superhuman brawniness was what he wished his political future to be built on, and the people voted for it.’
    • ‘The buildings would always hold an admirable brawniness: thick and dark while the night crawlers of all types were sucking down on bottles of booze, rioting in the shadows, or just trying to have a good time.’