Definition of brawler in English:



  • See brawl

    • ‘He's also seeking compensation for towing and storage charges, and for the fright of hiding in the corner of a holding cell with drunks and brawlers.’
    • ‘Binge drinkers and booze-fuelled brawlers who plague Kingston town centre at night face on-the-spot fines in a police crackdown on loutish behaviour.’
    • ‘I'd never seen him fight, but I knew he was a pub brawler, and here he stood before us, barefooted, ready to have a go.’
    • ‘The mother gets through a bottle of vodka a day and yet my friend cannot afford to go back to court, nor can he get legal aid, so he is left watching his innocents bruise as they grow into potential alcoholic brawlers.’
    • ‘Its roots go back to Tough Guy competitions, in which a town's toughest barroom brawlers were pitted against each other for prize money.’