Definition of bravura in English:



mass noun
  • 1Great technical skill and brilliance shown in a performance or activity.

    ‘the recital ended with a blazing display of bravura’
    as modifier ‘a bravura performance’
    • ‘Its dazzling chiaroscuro and painterly bravura surpass his earlier performances.’
    • ‘Tom turns in another bravura performance in this movie, even if his role for the most part calls for more endurance than acting.’
    • ‘When reading, hearing or viewing art, we are drawn to bravura performances, I think, by an essentially primitive approval of self-possession wherever it may be found.’
    • ‘The Yankees wore caps honouring New York rescue workers and put singing firemen and policemen at home plate to give bravura performances of national anthems official and unofficial.’
    • ‘We celebrate seven weeks of nail-biting finishes and bravura performances that made the sporting summer of 2005 so glorious and so unforgettable’
    • ‘I'm not surprised by her bravura performance.’
    • ‘Barber's boundless melodic inspiration takes inspired flight from the surging opening movement through the moving, poignant Andante and rousing bravura finale.’
    • ‘Indeed, his work has actually been criticised for placing too great an emphasis on bravura technical skills at the expense of these other properties.’
    • ‘It's another bravura performance by the master of the police procedural.’
    • ‘The album's final song, then, is also its centerpiece, summarizing its narrative and musical arcs in one bravura performance.’
    • ‘Bogosian's demanding, bravura performance truly runs the full gamut of emotions and really adds dimension and depth to what could have been a totally one-note character and role.’
    • ‘I didn't have a clue about what Jim was saying, and I'm not sure Mr. Coe did either, but at the end of his bravura performance I got my grade changed.’
    • ‘It was an Oscar-winning, bravura performance.’
    • ‘He had won the British Grand Prix 48 hours previously with a series of bravura performances, outrageous even.’
    • ‘We peer through it into another world, while we applaud its bravura performance in this one.’
    • ‘Before this point's reached, however, we see Medea's conflicting impulses in a performance of bravura strength and delicacy, yet darkly lit with moments of mordant humour.’
    • ‘It certainly benefits from the addition of qualities previously rare in his work: robust pacing, greater narrative coherence and a series of bravura performances.’
    • ‘I feel a little churlish raising this because they were certainly an enjoyable pair to watch and undoubtedly gave everything to achieve really bravura performances.’
    • ‘Part of the delight of watching her pivot gracefully from steely composure to histrionic distress comes from the feeling of witnessing two bravura performances at once.’
    • ‘Their bravura performances never came about from actually working off each other, they simply found the heart and soul of their characters from the material.’
    virtuoso, magnificent, outstanding, exceptional, exceptionally good, excellent, superb, brilliant, dazzling, first-class, masterly, expert
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    1. 1.1 The display of great daring.
      ‘the show of bravura hid a guilty timidity’


Mid 18th century: from Italian, from bravo ‘bold’.