Definition of brave new world in English:

brave new world


  • Used to refer, often ironically, to a new and hopeful period in history resulting from major changes in society.

    ‘the brave new world of the health care market’
    • ‘Not that the uneven female-to-male ratio would have any ramifications for this brave new world.’
    • ‘What better way to articulate the fraught complexities of our national identity in the brave new world of home rule than through two nights a week of soap opera?’
    • ‘He gives no examples of course, so we don't get to see this brave new world of Teddy Bear Fiscal Policy and Warm Cuddles Economics.’
    • ‘We are entering this brave new world with our eyes closed to the impact on individuals, on communities and on our social institutions.’
    • ‘Welcome to the brave new world, doctor, it's the one you believe in.’
    • ‘A child of its times, the cult was born of a reaction against post - war austerity and the flawed promise of the brave new world of the welfare state.’
    • ‘The idea that men have become lost and confused in this brave new world where women are equals ignores humankind's perennial ability to adapt.’
    • ‘Slick and stylish, it makes the brave new world of wireless capitalism look attractive and desirable.’
    • ‘Insurers are fully aware that returns from these policies will continue to fall, while we live in our brave new world of low interest rates and low inflation.’
    • ‘They have been heralded as the dawn of a brave new world of financial security, where like eager beavers we stash away our surplus nuts for the future.’
    • ‘It was reassuring for them to enjoy such an invigorating taste of a brave new world, while the team did enough to suggest that it can be inhabited on a more regular basis.’
    • ‘That act will enable us humans working together to obtain our brave new world, where there's perfect peace, equality and charity.’
    • ‘No one is responsible for anything in our brave new world.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the Internet has created a brave new world for forum shoppers.’
    • ‘But then, in this brave new world of devil-may-care slovenliness, I won't really need to.’
    • ‘In the brave new world, we will all have to stay on our toes.’
    • ‘Maybe this is a forward-thinking initiative which has taken the council into the brave new world of modern communications.’
    • ‘Far from making life simpler and more convenient, the choices offered by the brave new world of 2005 will make life much more complex for many.’
    • ‘But before we as a society plunge headlong into a brave new world of hi-tech crime detection there are some real concerns to be addressed.’
    • ‘But I do think that in this brave new world, you have to give the president the benefit of the doubt.’