Definition of bratwurst in English:



mass noun
  • A type of fine German pork sausage that is generally fried or grilled.

    • ‘Choose fully cooked sausages for this dish; we prefer pork such as smoked bratwurst, or mild poultry such as chicken-apple, but any flavor will work.’
    • ‘The essence of baseball food is a bun-wrapped wiener - be it hot dog, bratwurst or sausage.’
    • ‘We traipsed down to Pike Place Market just before closing and snatched up a bell pepper, red and gold tomatoes, a cucumber, two yams, and three sausages from Uli's: spinach bratwurst, hot Italian, and lamb.’
    • ‘Two juicy bratwurst sausages covered in the restaurant's homemade catsup and curry spices accompany a massive mound of fresh homemade potato salad and three slices of bread.’
    • ‘There were burgers, poultry, vegetables, hot dogs, bratwurst, pizza, potatoes, cotton candy, and a half-dozen other food delicacies.’
    • ‘The plan is to do it with German beer and bratwurst.’
    • ‘You don't have to fly to Germany for authentic bratwurst, beer and schnitzel.’
    • ‘Dinner was accompanied by the not entirely appetising sight of two German truckers wolfing down their bratwurst and rounding off with a succession of roll-ups.’
    • ‘All the grill favorites are here in fresh, fine form: crab cakes, Puck's signature duck bratwurst sausage, and wood-fired pizzas.’
    • ‘The former home of immigrants flogging salami and bratwurst is now suited to a different type of meat, the paparazzi.’
    • ‘But it is as American as corned beef and hash, enchiladas, fried rice, lasagna, bratwurst and, oh yes, apple pie.’
    • ‘The traditional German restaurant, serving schnitzel, bratwurst, knackwurst, sauerbraten, and large quantities of beer, is rapidly disappearing in Germany.’
    • ‘There is a long pause, followed by a reply as German as bratwurst.’
    • ‘That's one-third of the time it takes to watch an average football game, plus you won't be noshing on bratwurst, nachos and cerveza along the trails.’
    • ‘Andra and her friend engineered a ticket relay which brought us all into the suite, where we began gorging ourselves on an endless supply of sausage, bratwurst, quesadillas, beverages, and more.’
    • ‘One month you'll find Mexican chiles and masa, the next you'll find German bratwurst.’
    • ‘Southampton's city centre could echo to the sounds of oompah bands and smell of sizzling bratwurst and schnitzels this Christmas.’
    • ‘Under a big white tent adorned with American flags on the grounds of a steel mill, a school choir sang patriotic songs and a dinner of bratwurst and potato salad was laid out for hundreds.’
    • ‘A huge picnic buffet of bratwurst and other sausages as well as salads and Thai dishes took care of the healthy appetites whetted by the fresh sea air.’
    • ‘Mark and I both ordered bratwurst and a side of German french fries.’


German, from Brat ‘a spit’ + Wurst ‘sausage’.