Definition of bratty in English:



derogatory, humorous
  • Spoilt, self-centered, and badly behaved.

    ‘a bratty little boy who threw his ice cream on the floor’
    ‘they have the brattiest children’
    • ‘Some of the exchanges between Robert's brattier classmates and their teachers made me laugh out loud.’
    • ‘One of my closest friends has the brattiest child I've ever met up close, and yes, it's put a strain on our relationship.’
    • ‘They star as Andy and Melissa, two bratty childhood sweethearts.’
    • ‘I was sick the whole time, and my sister was being extra bratty.’
    • ‘I see a fine-looking young woman chasing after some bratty kid.’
    • ‘Along the tour, the brattier guests keep discovering some nasty surprises, and one by one, the tour group thins out.’
    • ‘Also invited were my two four-year-old, bratty twin cousins.’
    • ‘Their bratty young daughter throws the car keys into a grassy field.’
    • ‘I'm negotiating a new contract with the brattiest of the bratty socialites.’
    • ‘I am the second brattiest among his grandchildren.’