Definition of brattish in English:



humorous, derogatory
  • See brat

    • ‘It might seem brattish to some, but I was young, in London and ready to party.’
    • ‘As a brattish youngster, I remember the unfeasible joy gained from making every payphone in a five mile radius ring simultaneously.’
    • ‘‘I was a very brattish child who needed something to do,’ he says.’
    • ‘The 25-year-old has revitalised a team that was beginning to show its age, and with this a certain jaundice, before the breathtaking pace and ability that are wrapped up in his bold and brattish approach began to be felt.’
    • ‘It's the very core of why a significant section of the Australian public can't balance the ledger between his brattish excesses and what we all know makes him such a tennis talent.’