Definition of brassily in English:



  • See brassy

    • ‘This is ended by a loud and brassily heroic version of the Fellowship theme as the iconic scene of the nine walking over the mountain plays out, signifying the beginning of the journey.’
    • ‘If it's in response to something somebody else says, fine, but how does you independently stating, loudly and brassily, that you're not a fan add to the overall happiness level of the world?’
    • ‘Still, there's a brassily strident edge of G.I. Joe-ness to the proceedings.’
    • ‘As brassily entertaining as its no-holds-barred protagonist, the series' debut season is presented in its entirety with this collection of 11 episodes.’
    • ‘Cue some self-realization and brassily independent fulfillment of long-held rock-star fantasies.’