Definition of brasserie in English:


nounPlural brasseries

  • A restaurant in France or in a French style.

    • ‘In terms of fine dining, most experts agree that Chinese tourists are more comfortable eating in restaurants that remind them of home, but some of the French capital's larger brasseries are preparing foie gras and escargots.’
    • ‘Over the past two decades, windsurfing has made Hood River the fabled adventure hot spot that it is, and the jocks have brought a taste for bistros and brasseries.’
    • ‘The restaurant also presents first-class furniture and wall ornaments that create a romantic atmosphere, making it resemble a ubiquitous brasserie in France.’
    • ‘One long-held dream had been to open a London restaurant with the style of the classical Parisian brasseries.’
    • ‘The refrigerated lockers are like those you see in brasseries: brushed metal with buckle-style door handles.’
    • ‘For more informal meetings, there is also the lobby lounge with an open terrace overlooking the boulevard, the French and international brasseries, or L' Olivier Restaurant offering cuisines from south-east France.’
    • ‘Tofu is to this peculiar style of restaurant what frites are to a French brasserie.’
    • ‘We had opted for the brasserie instead of the restaurant because it gave us more flexibility.’
    • ‘A French colonial influence resonates in the town - cafes and brasseries line the boulevards, and the Marrakeshis switch in and out of Arabic and French, their language seeded with luxurious aspirated and liquid sounds.’
    • ‘That is, if they can avoid the temptations on the menus in the four restaurants: a glass-roofed breakfast room, a terrace restaurant, a brasserie and Jaan, a Michelin-starred dining experience.’
    • ‘In a city which has turned the pursuit of civic pride into an art form, its great brasseries are regarded not merely as restaurants but as grand historic symbols as rich in heritage as any museum or opera house.’
    • ‘There's still a pubby feel to this rambling old inn - although a strong relationship with local suppliers has transformed the place into a first-class brasserie and restaurant.’
    • ‘There's been a resurgence in steakhouses at clubs, pubs, brasseries and restaurants.’
    • ‘Alongside that he has managed to oversee a set of brasseries plus two more sophisticated restaurants, each with a Michelin star, and he is shortly to open another of the same calibre.’
    • ‘It was established as a two-tier restaurant with a Michelin-starred restaurant on one floor, and a brasserie on the other.’
    • ‘The chain tends to have a strong ground floor business through its brasseries and bars, and it hopes to carry this tradition into Belfast.’
    • ‘With a diverse cityscape filled with brasseries and a few Michelin-starred restaurant to choose from, diners in London are exposed to a number of dining out options.’
    • ‘Pseudo-French brasseries are a dime a dozen in this town, of course, but great sushi restaurants are hard to find.’
    • ‘At first it might seem madness to suggest that this elegant restaurant with the mosaic-tile floors and art-covered paneled walls is a bargain, but consider its brasserie style.’
    • ‘All the rooms are individually designed and a brasserie and bar serves classic French dishes and drink.’


Mid 19th century: French, originally ‘brewery’, from brasser ‘to brew’.