Definition of brass neck in English:

brass neck


  • Cheek or effrontery.

    ‘I didn't think that his mother would have the brass neck to come round here’
    • ‘If that doesn't represent brass neck then I genuinely don't know what does.’
    • ‘So, for sheer brass neck, this takes some beating.’
    • ‘But with a bit of imagination and a brass neck, we could make up for the lost opportunity now by reinventing ourselves as a series of weird and wonderful characters.’
    • ‘This film could never be called subtle or sophisticated, but you do grow to admire its brass neck.’
    • ‘But on a moral level, and in the mind of every dog on the street, the sheer inadequacy and brass neck of Mr Martin's defence still rings hollow.’
    • ‘If I had to put my finger on the exact appeal, it is the sheer weirdly muscled brass neck of everyone suspected of being involved in a doping cover up.’
    • ‘She seems doggedly determined and grinningly admits to having a brass neck.’
    • ‘I have enough brass neck to walk past, but it left a bad feeling.’
    • ‘These must be pretty fragile things in modern Britain if they really can be so easily endangered by a handful of foxhunting chaps armed with nothing more than some brass neck.’
    • ‘Now Beverly has a brass neck and one of the worst cases of denial I have ever seen.’
    • ‘It was tough going for the first six years as we had no money, no insurance, no sense, but loads of brass neck and enthusiasm.’
    • ‘And politicians have the impertinence, not to mention the brass neck, to continue to wonder why the public is disillusioned with them.’
    • ‘Though with brass neck like hers, I'm rather surprised she didn't.’
    • ‘Dozens of fleet-fingered axe heroes from around the country have left their bedroom mirrors behind to participate in the Scottish heat of a competition that requires more brass neck than bottleneck, more histrionics than electronics.’
    • ‘Freeloaders and hangers-on from the union's various committees have been a fact of life on away trips with Scotland for a long time and at times their brass neck had to be seen to be appreciated.’
    • ‘One woman had the brass neck to criticise his Government for presiding over a country where social services were being cut to the bone and the minimum wage never went up.’
    • ‘Any crackdown on those who have the brass neck to do this would be welcomed across the city.’
    • ‘Now the Crooked Inn is not even a customer, so Kate did not have the brass neck to ask why.’
    • ‘They might not have the brass neck to ask ‘Did you get your SSIA money yet?’’
    • ‘She will need talent, a brass neck and an almost sociopathic level of direction and self-belief.’
    impertinence, impudence, cheek, cheekiness, bad manners, ill-manneredness, unmannerliness, rudeness, impoliteness, incivility, lack of civility, discourtesy, discourteousness, disrespect, insubordination, contempt
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