Definition of brass band in English:

brass band


  • A group of musicians playing brass instruments and sometimes also percussion.

    as modifier ‘brass band music’
    • ‘He said his proudest moment came when he conducted his brass band at the Queen Elizabeth Hall and was moved to tears by the beautiful playing.’
    • ‘The five-strong gang of youths then fled into the nearby Cliffe Castle grounds, where families were enjoying a brass band concert.’
    • ‘He set up a wind band and then a brass band for his mature students and helped disabled groups in their musical productions.’
    • ‘Fairground organ ditties blaring from food stalls soon gave way to the doleful strains of a whiny brass band playing funeral music.’
    • ‘Carols played by a brass band always provide a popular and evocative prelude to Christmas.’
    • ‘This sequence verges on comedy: it is accompanied by an awkward rendition of a Wagner tune by a military brass band.’
    • ‘There were fewer adult choirs and the brass band category had to be scrapped due to a lack of support.’
    • ‘The band is ‘basically a brass band supplemented with a rhythm section,’ she said.’
    • ‘Soon afterwards, he joined the local brass band, learning first the trombone, then the trumpet and cornet.’
    • ‘One hears the strong link to the brass band marches of early New Orleans.’
    • ‘There was dancing, a brass band, a choir, poetry and speeches from dignitaries.’
    • ‘A Queensbury brass band's Christmas concerts could be threatened if they cannot find a replacement for their former leader.’
    • ‘But they didn't have any live music because members of the brass band were either at the wedding as family or as guests.’
    • ‘But how could a ten-man brass band dressed in gorgeous African robes fail to make an impact?’
    • ‘In November, you can witness a concert in the English brass band tradition.’
    • ‘We were even treated to the melodious sound of a live brass band leading the carol singing.’
    • ‘Almost every town has a marimba orchestra, which includes the accompaniment of a brass band.’
    • ‘I would have thought it would have been with an accompaniment of a full brass band, would it not, Mr Byrne?’
    • ‘The ethos of an ancient city was irresistible and we talked about it all the way back to Halifax - when we weren't singing our brass band repertoire.’
    • ‘But one married couple from Bingley have a whole brass band repertoire.’


brass band