Definition of brass-necked in English:



  • Acting without shame or embarrassment.

    ‘they are being brass-necked in applying to continue the licence’
    ‘the brass-necked fraudster’
    • ‘There was a palpable anger in rural Ireland over the revelations that the brass-necked flouting of society's ethical protections are still manifest in the party led by the ward boss.’
    • ‘He marks previous comments and decisions that would embarrass even the most brass-necked politico.’
    • ‘Yes I can be brass-necked and unashamed when I feel it's needed, but trust me, it's needed.’
    • ‘I'm not trying to be brass-necked about it but if you feel passionate about something, you've got to get it out.’
    • ‘The sellers were so brass-necked about their trade they even offered buyers an impromptu ratings system for the quality of the copies, usually claiming they were "eight or nine" compared with the 10 the genuine product might score.’
    • ‘They are the awards no self-respecting Scottish politician wants to win, in recognition of Holyrood's hamfisted, brass-necked chancers.’
    • ‘And why do we say the insolent and impertinent are brass-necked?’
    • ‘Surely you would agree that this is either breathtaking idiocy or yet more brass-necked cynicism.’
    • ‘But he said the alleged actions were "blatant", describing one claim as "overwhelming in its scale and sheer brass-necked dishonesty".’
    • ‘Such a novel would have been a piece of brass-necked theft, or a massive act of cultural appropriation.’