Definition of brashness in English:



  • See brash

    • ‘I love New York for the very qualities of bigness, boldness, and brashness that some seem to despise.’
    • ‘The politeness of the elderly was in marked contrast to the freshness, sometimes brashness, often deliberate, of the young, seen even in their responses to the questionnaire.’
    • ‘While most teachers disliked Rebecca quite strongly for her sharp tongue and offensive brashness, Mr. Lively found it entertaining, and she had quickly become one of his favorite pupils.’
    • ‘The tree is typically Carioca in its brashness and audacity, but despite the city's fondness for it, Rio is not famed for its yuletide.’
    • ‘For I have realized that it is the city's very boldness and brashness that clearly identifies it as truly Chinese.’