Definition of brandy snap in English:

brandy snap


  • A crisp rolled gingerbread wafer, usually filled with cream.

    • ‘This enabled me to enjoy a pretty decent cheeseboard (though the epoisse looked distressingly dry in its sad little box) and perfect little puddings that included a tiny Cornetto and a corking brandy snap.’
    • ‘A few months ago, on my birthday, I ate a brandy snap.’
    • ‘It was too synthetic and reminiscent of school dinners for me, but the brandy snap basket packed with toffee ice cream and caramel sauce was a marvellous reminder that The Ship Inn had been a more than worthwhile choice.’
    • ‘The flavours of the creme brulee and coconut ice cream worked perfectly with the brandy snap, which provided the subtle accent needed to bring them into their own.’
    • ‘And she came back a few minutes later with a mix of four sorbets in a brandy snap basket, for £4.’
    • ‘The dessert menu was a treat for any child, with sticky toffee pudding, steamed orange sponge or ice cream in a brandy snap basket.’
    • ‘The sweet was apple and sultana crumble with black cherry and kirsch ice cream and, following coffee, they were treated to brandy snap and dipped strawberries and a selection of speciality Irish cheeses.’
    • ‘For dessert I can't resist the dark chocolate pudding with hot blueberry sauce and creme fraiche, while my boyfriend, who normally opts for cheese and coffee, decides instead to tuck into the creme brulee with brandy snaps.’
    • ‘For pudding, I asked for black cherry brulée, kirsch ice cream and brandy snaps, while my wife chose a ‘minestrone of fresh fruits’.’
    • ‘The main course was seared Angus beef fillet with lobster tail and sauce choron and to finish there was a delightful Belgian chocolate lasagne followed by brandy snaps and a selection of traditional Irish farmhouse cheeses.’
    • ‘Every now and then a clump of ross coral clung to the rocks looking like a plate of brandy snaps on the dessert trolley.’


brandy snap