Definition of brander in English:



  • See brand

    • ‘The exhausted cowboys, branders and ranchers mounted their horses and rode slowly home.’
    • ‘Next time you hear a Monroe doctrinaire utter that the brand belongs to the consumer, just take the aphorism for what it is - just another delusion of branders.’
    • ‘The branders and marketeers would like to bypass the image of refined sherry drinkers taking their apéritif from miniature schooners with the little finger slightly adrift of the glass.’
    • ‘The Web site is well known as being an utter failure, but are the hardcore branders right?’
    • ‘He is a kind of grand pooh-bah of marketing, a master brander and hype creator who leverages his reputation as the grandaddy of hip-hop to bring people together and let things combust.’