Definition of Brand X in English:

Brand X


  • A name used for an unidentified brand contrasted unfavourably with a product of the same type which is being promoted.

    • ‘For example, it is assumed that around 35 per cent of all Brand X washing machines will develop a fault during the first five years of use, and the average cost of repair is £50.’
    • ‘It was time for yet another inexpensive, Brand X, temporary parer.’
    • ‘John Doe is a retailer of Brand X fountain pens, which cost him $5 each.’
    • ‘Some of my first-year college students even told me they learned in high school to avoid buying Brand X or Y because of labor concerns.’
    • ‘Because scientists working for the Brand X corporation say so.’
    • ‘If so, did your company's manager rise to the occasion by borrowing or buying Brand X's new product and gutting it like a Thanksgiving turkey, to get the boss's answer ASAP?’
    • ‘Common knowledge assumes that a sale on tuna fish will induce more people to buy Brand X, which boosts profits for both the manufacturer and the grocery store.’
    • ‘One says to the other ‘I'll get this because I've got a special low rate on my Brand X card.’’
    • ‘‘I have a better chance of getting mom to fork over $50 for a Hot Wheels set than for a Brand X car set because she knows Hot Wheels,’ Bousquette reasoned.’
    • ‘Using it you can sort Brand A from Brand X, pills from nils, weeds from seeds and potions from notions.’
    • ‘For example, say I really enjoy Brand X Winery's Riesling, but I want to look for a different varietal.’
    • ‘Why should any animal have to suffer needlessly in order to establish whether or not Brand X shampoo irritates eyes?’