Definition of brand manager in English:

brand manager


  • See brand management

    • ‘And in a world where brands become belief systems and life-altering experiences, no brand manager should be ignore it.’
    • ‘Multinational brand management in the classic model meant an autonomous brand manager in each country.’
    • ‘Movie tie-ins are especially effective in reaching the brand manager's most desirable audience: early adapters.’
    • ‘You're trying to make the brand manager famous in their organisation.’
    • ‘Finally, the brand manager tended to be tactical and reactive, observing competitor and channel activity, as well as monitoring and analyzing sales and margin trends.’
    • ‘The retail financial industry is possibly one of the most interesting fields for a brand manager, depending on which way your tastes swing.’
    • ‘Now the brand manager will have the pleasure of talking with all 6,000 of these people every month!’
    • ‘Good news indeed for the brand manager, but his positioning options with respect to the marketing mix are still open.’
    • ‘One of the best tools at the brand manager's disposal is corporate social responsibility.’
    • ‘If the brand manager finds himself or herself divorced from the market by time or by socio-economic status, the simple method is to commission a few focus groups to make sure.’
    • ‘In the old days, the brand manager, had a great deal of influence in terms of the customer's perception of that organization.’
    • ‘In the classic brand management system, the brand manager was too often a relatively inexperienced person who rarely stayed in the job more than two or three years.’
    • ‘Imagine you're the brand manager of the tournament.’
    • ‘You never heard a successful brand manager saying that!’
    • ‘In order to achieve a better result from a co-branded offer, the brand manager needs to consider both the categories and their relevance to each other.’
    • ‘But if you want to come back to the brand manager or to the promotion manager or the direct-response manager, you need to analyze what's working and what's not working on two levels.’
    • ‘They will determine what product wins and what product fails and the battle for every brand manager is to get inside their heads.’
    • ‘Each installment would honor a behind-the-scenes innovator - the brand manager who helped raise a product's profile, say, or the designer who created a clever new package.’
    • ‘One of the less-considered and under-thought aspects of the brand manager's job is communicating the method of contact.’
    • ‘Here, packaging is the brand manager's best friend.’