Definition of brand management in English:

brand management


mass noun
  • The activity of supervising the promotion of a particular brand of goods.

    • ‘I learned a lot about marketing and brand management.’
    • ‘As a part of this evolution, many of the tried-and-true manufacturers of decades past have become multifaceted organizations that are now focusing on brand management and retail expansions.’
    • ‘The company has sustainable cashflow generation capability, a well-invested asset base, proven, defensive qualities in difficult markets, proven brand management skills and extensive distribution channels.’
    • ‘As senior vice-president of marketing for the company, a post he assumed earlier this year, he directs the mega-retailer's marketing, advertising and brand management activities.’
    • ‘Category or business unit brand management can improve profitability and strategic health by addressing some cross-brand issues.’
    • ‘According to Roche, up to 90 per cent of the balance sheet of global products is based on brand management.’
    • ‘In most organizations, corporate brand management is the purview of the chief marketing officer.’
    • ‘She oversees the company's day-to-day management and leads all of its marketing, brand management, revenue management, and communications activities.’
    • ‘This would appear to be a very clever and sound idea, but it's one that no brand manager nor brand management system or process would help discover, much less make happen.’
    • ‘Staff will start to move to the new location in Warwick - which will house the strategic and executive leadership team, brand management, marketing, product management, commercial finance and human resources - over the next 18 months.’
    • ‘He moved into management in the late 1980s after stints in marketing and brand management.’
    • ‘Fox is primarily responsible for ushering new products to market and brand management.’
    • ‘And brand management is an increasingly critical skill for a growing number of businesses around the world.’
    • ‘Lieb says he can hold his corporate staff steady at five people - the management team has experience in everything from the gasoline, real estate, and convenience-store industries to corporate strategy and brand management.’
    • ‘A belief in the power of brands and brand management has spread far beyond the traditional consumer-goods marketers who invented the discipline.’
    • ‘Career options range from market research to brand management.’
    • ‘The benefits of this, combined with proactive brand management, market segmentation, and a sharp strategic focus were there to be seen in last week's results.’
    • ‘There's now an increased sophistication in the market - and marketing communications, brand management and reputation building have become big business.’
    • ‘Cars aren't sold like soap, but they are sold through brand management and that won't change, he said.’
    • ‘This, combined with its focused move up the value chain and its strong brand management and market positioning, has enabled it to drive operating margins up and nearly double earnings per share over the past five years.’