Definition of branchlike in English:



  • See branch

    • ‘What is the philosophy behind your branch-like savings cafés?’
    • ‘Shanghai is the most important location for branch-like activities, such as manufacturing, assembly/processing, and raw material sourcing.’
    • ‘As noted, other depictions of antlered animals in Driftless Area rock art have straight, branch-like antlers that rise either directly above the head or are angled back over the body.’
    • ‘For example, she replaces bold geometrics with abstracted natural patterns in floor-coverings and uses branch-like forms overhead to make ceilings reminiscent of tree canopies.’
    • ‘To further draw the eye to the outside, Anne-Marie makes use of a bench that runs from the living room to the portico by placing several highly-coloured, branch-like forms cast from resin on either side of the glass partition.’