Definition of branchial in English:



  • See branchia

    • ‘For the past few years, the near-consensus has been that basal craniates had gills that were supported by a branchial basket, if they were supported at all.’
    • ‘Due to the reduction of the hyoid and branchial arches, no other means than the suction flow seems to be available for this function.’
    • ‘The larva probably possessed the scraping mouth parts and the branchial filter seen in most extant anuran larvae, and likewise probably also pumped water rhythmically.’
    • ‘Janvier agrees that gills, and perhaps the external branchial skeleton, are primitive to the chordates.’
    • ‘The history of the epibranchials presumably begins wherever vertebrates first developed a jointed, internal branchial arch rather than an unjointed, external branchial basket.’