Definition of branched in English:



  • 1(of a tree or plant) having parts that grow out from the trunk or from a bough.

    ‘a tall, branched plant with flowers’
    in combination ‘many trees are bare-branched already’
    • ‘This is a fine, branched root system with many root hairs and lateral roots, with no taproot.’
    • ‘This large, coarse, branched plant can grow up to nine feet.’
    • ‘It has an erect woody stem, brown or reddish-brown bark, and highly branched saplings.’
    • ‘An umbel is a branched floral structure resembling an (upside-down) umbrella.’
    • ‘The tines will penetrate deep enough in soft soil to get under the branched roots and pull out the small corn seedlings.’
    • ‘The short-branched members from closely related species usually clustered together, whereas long-branched members tended to form one or several lineage-specific groups.’
    • ‘The panicles are loosely branched, purplish, and hairy.’
    • ‘The company performs within an amphitheater of stark, branched miniature tree skeletons painted white.’
    • ‘Leaves are small and scale-like with many divisions on slender highly branched green stems.’
    • ‘The branched stems are waxy with purple blotches and are hollow between nodes.’
    1. 1.1 Having lateral extensions or subdivisions extending from the main part.
      ‘the elaborate branched antlers of the stag’
      ‘a branched network’
      • ‘Families are encouraged to take piped water into their homes via looped networks instead of branched ones, to equalize water pressure.’
      • ‘The seven-branched candelabrum represents the days of creation.’
      • ‘Starch is a granular crystal comprising two kinds of polysaccharide, a linear form and a branched form.’
      • ‘Completely white under the Mediterranean sun, the external ribs that slope southward are supported by five branched pillars that the architect refers to as "trees."’
      • ‘The chemists use slime to demonstrate how branched molecules can make gels.’
      • ‘Fragments of a thin-branched coral were collected from the upper part of the section.’
      • ‘Analyses revealed the presence of several different branched fatty acids.’
      • ‘Darwin's "great tree," supplemented by a complex, branched diagram, made his claims more believable, conveyed through a familiar narrative.’
      • ‘Under the plasma membrane is a network of short, branched filaments.’
      • ‘These three branched chain amino acids are immediately processed by skeletal muscle into glucose for energy during endurance exercise.’