Definition of branch stacker in English:

branch stacker


  • A person who improperly increases the membership of a local branch of a political party in order to ensure the preselection of a particular candidate.

    ‘will he tackle the branch stackers who run the party?’
    • ‘He began life as a Young Liberal then became an ardent branch stacker in the federal seat.’
    • ‘He has teamed up with a shonky branch stacker to further embarrass conservatives north of the Tweed.’
    • ‘It comes as no surprise to see that the well-known branch stacker extraordinaire is being employed by him.’
    • ‘Rumours that the bean counter in charge of the SFS turnstiles is a former branch stacker for the ALP / Libs are simply untrue.’
    • ‘He gives us his views on the proposed electoral reforms and on the Liberal branch stacker.’
    • ‘Pre-selection changes to empower members would inadvertently help smaller groups of branch stackers and factional chiefs.’
    • ‘He admitted that he was a branch stacker for Labor Unity.’
    • ‘Branch stackers aren't true Labor people, they're careerists who, for their own ends join up lots of people who have no particular love for Labor issues or unions.’
    • ‘He's a former ALP branch stacker and best friend of the controversial Labor powerbroker.’
    • ‘More importantly, having rank-and-file preselections is not automatically going to prevent determined branch stackers from getting their way.’