Definition of Bramley in English:


(also Bramley's seedling)


  • An English cooking apple of a large green variety with firm flesh.

    • ‘I'm after a couple of Bramley apple trees for my garden.’
    • ‘As I write, the old Bramley apple in our garden is occupied by a variety of finches: greenfinches, chaffinches and bramblings.’
    • ‘But none of them have the cheerful huge knobbly sour wonderfulness of something like a Bramley.’
    • ‘The area has an historic association with apple growing and is already home to many different types, including Bramleys, Grenadiers, Crispins and Cornish aromatics.’
    • ‘Mix the Bramleys, 25g / 1oz caster sugar and the cinnamon together in a bowl.’
    • ‘Last year, we gave her a pumpkin in return for some Bramley apples, which teamed up with our blackberries for some divine crumbles.’
    • ‘Cooking apples are big ugly apples, commonly Bramleys, that can only be used in cooking.’


Early 20th century: named after Matthew Bramley, the English butcher in whose garden it is said to have first grown c 1850.