Definition of bramble shark in English:

bramble shark


  • A heavy-bodied, dull-coloured shark of the tropical Atlantic, with numerous thornlike spines on the back.

    Echinorhinus brucus, family Echinorhinidae

    • ‘There have been five reports of the bramble shark in the western North Atlantic Ocean region.’
    • ‘Meanwhile others assign a group known as the bramble sharks, whose two species most taxonomists place in the Squaliformes, to its own order called the Echinorhiniformes.’
    • ‘Prickly sharks are one of two species of shark known as bramble sharks in the family Echinorhinidae.’
    • ‘Squaliformes are bramble sharks, dogfish sharks and roughsharks.’
    • ‘The bramble shark ranges widely in temperate and tropical seas.’
    • ‘In Tamilnadu, off Tuticorin, the deep-sea trawlers landed sharks, with the major constituent being the bramble shark Echinorhinus brucus.’
    • ‘The external and internal structure of the spinal column of the bramble shark Echinorhinus brucus is presented for the first time ever, demonstrating that that vertebral counts using MRI are now feasible for these types of specimen.’
    • ‘The authors report the capture of a bramble shark, Echinorhinus brucus, off Annaba, on the eastern coast of Algeria, close to the Tunisian frontier.’
    • ‘Note that those of the bramble shark have rounded bases and often fuse together, while those of the prickly shark are stellate with heavily-ridged spines and never fuse.’
    • ‘Echinorhinus blakei (bramble shark) teeth are very rare, and very unusual in appearance, in that they have a central recurved crown with large divergent, secondary cusplets.’