Definition of brake pad in English:

brake pad


  • A thin block, typically one of a pair, which presses on to the disc in a disc brake.

    • ‘The brake pad contacting surface of each of the side walls is formed with a wear-indicating projection adapted to be in frictional contact with a brake pad.’
    • ‘The sound of the brake pad can double as a warning.’
    • ‘Midway through the Wednesday ride the ‘thump, thump, thump’ of the rubbing brake pad gets considerably worse.’
    • ‘The brake system includes a brake drum, a brake shoe, a brake pad, and a position sensor.’
    • ‘The braking system is all-powerful to meet the car's performance levels, with improved air ducting and air flow to the front brakes, as well as a new brake pad material.’
    • ‘For example, installing new front and rear brake pads on a vehicle equipped with four-wheel disc brakes could take 1 hour and 15 minutes.’
    • ‘To fight a skipping brake, make sure you increase the pressure on the brake pad very gradually.’
    • ‘The debris is a mixture of dirt and brake pad material that has adhered to the ceramic surface.’
    • ‘Should the brake pad toe in so the fore area contacts the rim first?’
    • ‘The only thing that held Marcus back was excessive brake pad wear.’
    • ‘The brake pad compounds were optimised for rallying.’
    • ‘This material transfer from brake pad to disk continues as long as the pad is in use.’
    • ‘Then make sure the ‘wear line’ on the brake pad is still visible.’
    • ‘‘People would come in to get a tyre changed or a new brake pad and they'd stay and just talk for however long it took to fix it,’ Ian says.’
    • ‘My motorbike is currently wearing a little thin on rear brake pads and it's a battle to see which of us cracks first - it or me, finally getting round to taking it to the garage.’
    • ‘Basically, the more pressure you use on the brake pad the faster you stop.’
    • ‘It will surprise you how much brake pad you can use up, when you're scared to death!’
    • ‘Because you can lower the brake pad as it wears down, or raise it as your braking skills improve, it's also appreciated by more experienced skaters.’
    • ‘A sudden increase in brake pad orders indicates there is a problem with a particular pad.’
    • ‘It starts the windscreen wipers when it begins to rain, keeps a constant tyre pressure check, monitors brake pad condition and, in an accident, activates the front, side and curtain airbags.’


brake pad