Definition of brake lining in English:

brake lining


  • A layer of hard material attached to a brake shoe or brake pad to increase friction against the drum or disc.

    • ‘These have included a wide assortment of items, including friction pads, brake linings, gas masks, cement water pipe, insulation, and textiles.’
    • ‘The brake lining wear sensor is positioned to wear away concurrently with the brake lining, thereby continuously changing the electrical resistance across the pair of spaced conductors.’
    • ‘In the past, asbestos has been widely used by South African companies to produce a wide range of products, including gaskets, seals, brake linings, roofing sheets, gutters and other building products, waste pipes and flower pots.’
    • ‘If everyone thinks your ball bearings cause brake linings to seize up, then they do, regardless of what the truth of the matter is.’
    • ‘The concern is that thousands of workers may have been exposed, including hundreds who worked at a brake lining plant.’
    • ‘There are still millions of tonnes of it in cement sheets, lagging for pipes and boilers, brake linings and other products.’
    • ‘On closer inspection of the aircraft there were no leaks and no airframe problems apart from the starboard brake bag, which had burst and allowed hydraulic fluid to contaminate the brake linings.’
    • ‘When the foil is lifted, this stench like burning brake linings shoots straight up and a noxious cloud starts to fill the top of the room.’
    • ‘New, more durable brake pad material adds 50% more brake lining life to single-rear-wheel models and doubles it for dual-rear-wheels versions.’
    • ‘A history of shipyard work or replacement of automobile brake lining in the past places a patient at risk for mesothelioma.’
    • ‘They stopped using asbestos in car brake linings because auto manufacturers realised that there would be claims made against them.’
    • ‘These include oil filters without filtering elements, fuel filters without check valves, fuel caps that leak in a roll-over situation and brake linings made of grass, woodchips or cardboard!’
    • ‘Some people have been exposed in hairdressers where massive hairdryers were often lined with it, others in garages as asbestos was a major component in brake linings.’
    • ‘Commonly, ceiling and floor tiles, pipe insulation, vehicle brake linings, cement, and mortar contain asbestos.’
    • ‘Asbestos was widely used as a fireproofing material, flame-retardant reinforcing structural material and for such products as automobile brake linings until about 1975, when its adverse health effects became widely appreciated.’
    • ‘Exposure to asbestos is usually occupational, and includes shipyard workers, pipefitters, miners, and installers of brake linings and insulation.’
    • ‘We will produce evidence to suggest the explosive material in George's coat could have come from brake lining off a car or truck.’
    • ‘A Department of Corrective Services spokesman said it was possible faulty brake lining of the new vehicle caused the problem.’
    • ‘Among the affected are workmen who demolished buildings with asbestos in the roofs and walls without protection in the 1960s and 1970s, and those in the railway industry who used to make brake linings.’
    • ‘A cursory inspection in this way might well have shown that the brake linings, for example, were unduly worn, but might not have revealed the leakage of fluid.’