Definition of brake block in English:

brake block


  • A block of hard material pressed against the rim of a wheel to slow it down by friction, especially on a bicycle.

    • ‘This type of breaking relies upon one or two brake blocks of varying sizes located on the spool's spindles.’
    • ‘When I got to work I did a final QA of the bike and found that a front brake block was loose and I had been cycling with the brakes on.’
    • ‘She took a look at my bike for me, because she's good with things like that, and we ended up giving it new brake blocks and a new front tyre.’
    • ‘I bought some new brake blocks for my BMX today.’
    • ‘So we were left to keep working on asbestos for the brake blocks on the London Underground, for example.’
    • ‘That is all good, but for an extra $25 you can get XT brakes that are stronger, use cartridge brake pads instead of the LX solid brake blocks and weigh the same.’
    • ‘In this study, failed samples of railway brake blocks were analysed to ascertain the causes of failure.’
    • ‘He praised the ‘they-don't make-them-as-good-as-this-anymore’ character of my brake assembly, pointed out where one horse-shoe component was a little out of alignment and said he'd probably just replace the brake blocks.’
    • ‘They have always been one of the best names in brake blocks: these are quite long and have great stopping power.’
    • ‘No brake blocks are fitted and there is no braking system fitted to the rear wheel.’
    • ‘But by using the liquid control of the product in conjunction with either magnetic or fibre brake blocks you can achieve trouble-free maximum range all the time with no tension on the spool whatsoever.’
    • ‘This invention relates to friction material such as used in brake blocks, pads and shoes in vehicle braking systems.’