Definition of brak in English:



South African
  • (of water or soil) brackish or alkaline.

    • ‘Water should be acidic or neutral in pH, not alkaline (except for lime-loving species), although salty (brak) water is tolerated.’
    • ‘These numbered thousands of plants, which grew on the edges of the sands, where it overlay a brak, clay soil (white with salt in summer) of Klipheuwel formation.’
    • ‘I have a small tank which I use for drinking, cooking and washing my car because our borehole water is brak.’
    • ‘This was followed by a layer of thin, hard baked clay bricks on top of which was packed a thick layer of brak, a local soil with an exceptionally high salt content.’
    • ‘We specialise in desalination and brak water to potable water systems.’
    slightly salty, slightly briny, saline, salt, salted
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Afrikaans, from Dutch.