Definition of brainwork in English:



mass noun
  • Mental activity; thought.

    • ‘According to Ramanan, the new model represents the combined brainwork of the department.’
    • ‘But LOGCAP was more than brainwork: The company had to be ready, on short notice, to transport a fighting force of up to 50,000 troops to any location in the world and to supply them with food and other essentials for as long as six months.’
    • ‘Some other levels tax your brainwork and sense of timing.’
    • ‘Taiwan is a small country, where the most suitable state industry should be small volume and high value - such as the biotech industry, requiring more brainwork and less labor.’
    • ‘Each case of theirs was unique, and it required a great deal of brainwork to solve it.’
    • ‘‘Come on, you're predisposed towards brainwork,’ said the Midgetman, trying to calm the furious specialist.’
    • ‘The contagious catastrophe presents London with a situation in extremism which the dichotomy between brute physicality and brainwork may be clarified.’
    • ‘Lu Chen's work at the customs is regular and takes little brainwork.’
    • ‘Six years after the company began deploying the first modules of Manugistics Group's demand-planning software in China, forecasting sales remains largely a matter of manual processes and conventional brainwork.’
    • ‘When there was heavy brainwork to be done, he understood the best cerebral lubricant was the humble bottle in his desk.’
    • ‘For example, the complicated rotator concept of the V80 involved some head-scratching and lots of brainwork for the Singapore team.’
    • ‘‘Apart from all the physical toil and brainwork, private detectives still have to endure a lot of mental pressure as the job involves finding out the dark things about society,’ Cheng said.’
    • ‘After a moment's brainwork, I'd narrowed down the list of her possible locations to one place.’
    • ‘Does anyone know of any ‘special’ trash containers that require more brainwork to open?’
    • ‘Precision, speed and some solid brainwork are required to locate and obtain all the 120 stars.’
    • ‘Your brainwork needs to be quick and sharp to make it through, and it makes for a very special kind of multiplayer gaming.’
    • ‘So instead of helping us in the battlefield she does most of the brainwork, like developing bombs, telling us the position of the enemy, etc.’
    • ‘Well it doesn't take much brainwork to see how cruel, indiscriminate and dangerous this is.’
    • ‘‘In newspapers and magazines,’ writes Lohr, ‘section titles and headlines are distilled nuggets of human brainwork, tapping context and culture.’’
    • ‘Hockey is more objective, you have to be more tactical, there's more brainwork involved, it's not the same as playing with your home place.’