Definition of brainpan in English:



North American
  • A person's skull.

    • ‘It has something to do with arrogance and materialism and the deadening effect of pop culture on the collective brainpan.’
    • ‘There are also times, of course, when the my brain is happier just sitting there in my brainpan marinating.’
    • ‘I didn't see any murders, but I got the car started in a hurry to avoid one of those situations where dozens of crackheads are slapping their nerveless hands at my windows trying to get at the rocks they think are hidden inside my brainpan.’
    • ‘If I didn't know better, I'd say that local character Monstre had stuck a contact mic to the brainpan of a five-year-old tyke cracked out on Trix.’
    • ‘They also meet and fight Hakaider, an android that looks more robot than human with his exposed brainpan, and Bijinder, a lovely and powerful android that is also trying to capture Akira.’
    • ‘And I can assure you that there is good stuff that I would have liked to have steered you toward that is now simply gone from my brainpan.’
    • ‘One minute you're listening to them rattle on like a machinegun about Elian Gonzalez and his fish-food mom, and the next you're in a clock tower pumping hot copper a hundred meters through the brainpan of some physics TA.’
    • ‘‘Cause sometimes the habits of a decade and more well up, lapping gently around my brainpan.’
    • ‘Sampled noises are arranged into electro-rhythms, programmed, then layered in your brainpan.’
    • ‘Almost to a one, his commentaries throb with the dark fury of an aneurysm in Joe Sixpack's brainpan.’
    • ‘In retrospect, the massive breakout success of the first Matrix flick - the bullet in the brainpan of the old dog Star Wars - makes perfect sense.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, you will need a brainpan like a hard drive and a retina as strong as a mule deer to follow the rapid fire editing and overlapping continuity flubs.’
    • ‘The longer this lasts, the more your internal CNN dies down - the constant chatter in your brainpan about hopes and plans and angers and glories fades and is replaced by a kind of absorption.’
    • ‘At the top left is us, and top right is Homo erectus; despite the smaller brainpan, H. erectus has virtually all of the features for endurance running that we have.’
    • ‘Why the hell that fatuous yet inarguable quote is still caroming around my brainpan I have no idea whatsoever.’
    • ‘Trust me, it's the kind of movie you'll be jonesing for in about a month once the Bruckheimers and Bays are through brutalizing your brainpan.’
    • ‘If you look at the brainpan of a Neanderthal, you might believe they were pretty bright.’
    • ‘As I sit down to write today's column, the score of The Godfather is floating around in my brainpan.’
    • ‘These are people with brainpans so full of Cheez Whiz, that they couldn't figure this out on their own., taking up valuable parking spots and threatening to procreate thereby diluting the gene pool even further.’
    • ‘When she falls and bumps her brainpan and cries, I give her attention and compassion, the big hug and the soothing words - but there's a cutoff point.’