Definition of brainlessly in English:



  • See brainless

    • ‘These ‘demoralised’ pupils brainlessly deposit their rubbish on the streets daily, while the ‘demoralised’ staff, who must be aware of the situation, do little or nothing to stop it.’
    • ‘Too many people quit after looking at two or three pages - brainlessly dismissive though this may be, it's rather less likely to happen with the printed version.’
    • ‘This, plus an ending so brainlessly upbeat it looks as if it was borrowed from a different movie, makes The Bone Collector the least impressive release of the week.’
    • ‘Statistics are recycled brainlessly because numbers add a sense of false authority.’
    • ‘Look, if the boy is cute-as-a-button but brainlessly boring, stick it out through coffee.’