Definition of brainfever bird in English:

brainfever bird


  • The common hawk cuckoo of India and Sri Lanka, which has a monotonous and maddeningly persistent call.

    Cuculus varius, family Cuculidae

    • ‘The same could be said of the caged brainfever bird which Maya tries to set free.’
    • ‘There are more than 216 bird species in Mudumalai, and over a period of several hours I spotted a wealth of fowl, including hoopoes, magpie and Indian robins, sunbirds, brainfever birds, and cuckoos.’
    • ‘So far I have seen wagtails, brahminy kites, shikras (a small hawk), the hawk cuckoo also known as the brainfever bird, green bee-eaters, metallic blue kingfishers, redwhiskered bulbuls, hoopoes and, last but not least, the Indian great horned owl.’
    • ‘One's a Koel, calls repetitively, day and night: the pukka representatives of the raj called it the brainfever bird.’
    • ‘In other birds, e.g. partridge, shikra, brainfever bird, rosy starling, etc., a succession of rapid wing-beats is followed by a short glide on outstretched motionless wings - - free wheeling - in which the bird does not lose height.’


brainfever bird