Definition of brain surgery in English:

brain surgery


mass noun
  • 1Surgery performed on the brain or other parts of the nervous system.

    ‘he is in a critical condition after undergoing brain surgery’
    • ‘The patients I worked with have had no success with medication and were evaluated to see if brain surgery might help them.’
    • ‘Following the accident, he was rushed to hospital in critical condition with a severe head injury and underwent brain surgery the very next day.’
    • ‘A year before I met the couple, Andrea underwent complicated brain surgery.’
    • ‘Last year he had brain surgery to relieve pressure from a blood clot.’
    • ‘My dad and sister had voiced concern about the possible negative side effects of brain surgery.’
    • ‘My body stopped functioning; they had machines on me after the brain surgery.’
    • ‘He spent six months in hospital, had five brain surgeries, then he came to live with me.’
    • ‘Following eight hours of brain surgery, he lay near death.’
    • ‘I was airlifted to Phoenix the next morning for brain surgery.’
    • ‘Brain surgery to remove a tumour or to alleviate the symptoms of neurological diseases, like Parkinson's, it's fairly commonplace today.’
    1. 1.1informal usually with negative An exceptionally difficult or complicated task.
      ‘obviously this is not brain surgery’
      ‘breadmaking is hardly brain surgery’
      • ‘There should be a clearly defined line and I don't think it's brain surgery to try and figure that out.’
      • ‘Following the instructions is a simple enough affair, and to be honest this isn't brain surgery.’
      • ‘Hanging and taping wallboard isn't brain surgery.’
      • ‘Basically it's not brain surgery, but it's pretty easy.’
      • ‘Helping someone with a leg injury is far from brain surgery.’
      • ‘I'll be the first to admit that graphic design isn't brain surgery.’
      • ‘It's easy to make fun of things like the absurdity of the plot, but this was never intended to be brain surgery.’
      • ‘Investing is not like brain surgery.’
      • ‘This is far from brain surgery but it does require some knowledge or at least a bit of reading.’
      • ‘Now, I'm not talking brain surgery here.’