Definition of brain food in English:

brain food


mass nouninformal
  • Food believed to be beneficial to the brain, especially in increasing intellectual capabilities.

    • ‘The tradition was to eat a lot of snacks and have snacks, kind of like brain food and also just hyper ‘juice’ as you could call some of it.’
    • ‘The staff restaurant in work serve fish once or twice a week, so generally now I have it at least once a week, and the nickname brain food is well deserved.’
    • ‘Their Methuselah-like lives leave time for such learning, and their high-octane pollen banquets furnish the brain food.’
    • ‘Estrogen isn't yet ready to be a miracle brain food.’
    • ‘There's nothing wrong with a big Mac but you'd hardly describe it as brain food.’
    • ‘Quaker Oats were the perfect body food, the perfect brain food, strengthening you in mind and muscle.’
    • ‘Recent research showed that blueberries are powerful brain food, primarily because of their antioxidant value.’
    • ‘I recently got stuck into a plate of the fish and chips and found, as on past occasions, the brain food seemed to go on forever.’
    • ‘After all, beluga and champagne is world renowned as the brain food required for numerous talks on world hunger and poverty.’
    • ‘It is my brain food and I kid you not when I say it EXPONENTIALLY increases my writing speed.’
    • ‘There are Omega 3s galore, fish for brain food, selenium and lesser known minerals to startle a recumbent form into activity.’
    • ‘Omega oils are also good brain food, research recently having shown that if pregnant women eat them regularly they encourage the healthy development of their unborn babies' brains.’
    • ‘‘Bacon, the brain food - A tasty butty can boost children's performance in school, says study’ - courtesy of the Daily Mail.’
    • ‘Exams were coming up in a couple of weeks and… and Marty and I had recently spent many an afternoon holed up in my room studying, ever depleting the resources of my brain food.’
    • ‘In other words, your granny was right: fish is the best brain food.’
    • ‘In such a quest, the best person to ask is a local college student if you can find one, because ramen may be excellent brain food, but it's also low in price.’
    • ‘And brain food - a new study shows why all of us should eat our vegetables.’
    • ‘Flaxseed oil provides omega-3 fatty acids - brain food to start the day.’
    • ‘LSA is also a great brain food and will help those with a poor memory!’