Definition of brain fever in English:

brain fever


mass noundated
  • Inflammation of the brain.

    ‘she seems overcome with the vapours or brain fever’
    count noun ‘concussion was succeeded by a brain fever of sorts’
    • ‘The same story was repeated during another epidemic of brain fever in Assam.’
    • ‘In his 1996 research work on cattle diseases, Meeran's father referred to the Toxo being used in diagnosis of brain fever and other communicable diseases.’
    • ‘At 16, Kikuko Miyagi witnessed terrible injuries, but learned to care for limbless men, those who could not speak and those suffering from the last stages of tetanus and brain fever.’
    • ‘There was no word from Isabella, and Catherine changed as a result of her illness: a brain fever.’
    • ‘I practically raised him as my own son after his father, bless his soul, came down with brain fever.’