Definition of brain cramp in English:

brain cramp


North American
  • A moment in which one fails to think clearly or act sensibly.

    ‘he had a brain cramp early in the game and really botched the ball’
    • ‘Aside from those genuine brain cramps, instances of overcoaching are usually far more subtle and difficult to pick up.’
    • ‘If you shut down or have a brain cramp, the night is over.’
    • ‘That brain cramp enabled Taveras, who had tripled, to score the Astros' fourth straight run in the sixth.’
    • ‘Although The Recruit isn't Len Deighton or Robert Ludlum, it is enjoyable until the screenwriters develop a collective brain cramp.’
    • ‘Ford is more introverted, a math and computer whiz (he scored 1,400 on his SAT test) whose occasional brain cramps have given his manager and teammates plenty of amusement and ammunition.’
    • ‘Swinging mightily but coming up nearly empty, Sierra topped a ball which sputtered down the third base line, when Rivera was hit with yet another brain cramp.’
    • ‘Maybe Meier was suffering from a brain cramp that day.’
    • ‘With two out in the bottom of the 12th, Chavez caught righthander Derek Lowe in a brain cramp and stole third without drawing a throw.’
    • ‘The movie turns into a mindless gorefest, the genius character suddenly suffers a cataclysmic brain cramp, and the action begins to resemble Alien light (complete with motion detectors and a scary predator).’
    • ‘In the end, though, Owens' heroics were greatly overshadowed by the Eagles' offensive brain cramp down the stretch, a common malady, it should be noted, that afflicted more than a few teams in this year's playoffs.’
    • ‘Every 12-15 games he's shows signs of brilliance for about a five-minute stretch, but then reverts back to his familiar brain cramp I-don't-have-a-clue-where-I'm-supposed-to-be style of play.’
    • ‘The G.M.s polled for baseball's top 50 must be guys who are about to lose their jobs, or they must have all suffered a brain cramp at the same time.’
    • ‘The story's entire foundation is based upon a plot hole so gargantuan that anyone not suffering a brain cramp will identify it at once.’
    • ‘On Sundays, Wannstedt has had too many brain cramps, too many instances of not firing up his team, too many instances of just not providing the leadership his team desperately needed.’
    • ‘Between his opinion piece and his blatantly ignorant answer to the Campus Question, I hope for his sake that he was suffering from a brain cramp last week and we can expect better things from him in the future.’