Definition of brain cell in English:

brain cell


  • 1A cell in the tissue of the brain.

    • ‘With repetition, the electrical discharge spreads from brain cell to brain cell, eventually creating a kind of firestorm of neural activity that resembles what occurs in human epilepsy.’
    • ‘And once again, we had no toxicity from putting the virus into the brain cell.’
    • ‘Many people know that stem cells can grow into virtually any cell type found in the body, from a red blood cell to a muscle cell to a brain cell.’
    • ‘Some day we could learn from the egg what factors are in the egg that would re-program the nucleus of a skin cell or a brain cell or an immune cell.’
    • ‘They speculate that a large brain cell reserve protects against Alzheimer's and that head circumference is one way to measure this reserve.’
    1. 1.1informal Used to refer to someone's intellectual capabilities.
      ‘I couldn't get my brain cells around the questions never mind the answers’
      • ‘What the hell does Damien see in that girl, who is obviously only propelled by a single brain cell floating forlornly around in her vacuous head?’
      • ‘Congratulations Cartridge, you just reflected something that any imbecile with half a brain cell functioning in their frontal lobes could have told you about language acquisition.’
      • ‘Logan says they don't have a single brain cell between them.’
      • ‘Now anyone with half a brain cell knows what I did just then.’
      • ‘I'm having a bit of a dry spell and my brain cell's all dried up trying to get into the inner workings of Dylan's mind.’