Definition of brain-teasing in English:


(also brain-twisting)


  • See brain-teaser

    • ‘The pitching together of teams from all four divisions on FA Cup third round day brings with it the brain-teasing task of explaining which division each team plays in.’
    • ‘And perhaps we should add that unlike most kids, and some adults who've over the years created an impenetrable mental block, he loves the thrill of figuring out mathematical equations, calculations and brain-teasing formulas.’
    • ‘His deadpan delivery and brain-twisting concepts have made him one of the most recognizable comedians in the business.’
    • ‘Suppressing my sudden urge to mimic the Swedish chef, I plunged on with my brain-twisting question.’
    • ‘Both are put to the test here even more formidably than in the previous books, as a plot of nerve-tingling suspense and brain-teasing deviousness ramifies.’