Definition of Brahui in English:



  • 1A member of a pastoral people of western Pakistan.

    • ‘The khan of Kalat, the native ruler of Baluchistan, is himself a Brahui, and a lineal descendant of Kumbar, former chief of the Kumbarini, a Brahui tribe.’
    • ‘The tribes known as the Brahui (also Brohi) live in the rugged hills of Pakistan's western borderland.’
    • ‘The Brahui are made up of a confederation of 29 tribes.’
  • 2mass noun The language of the Brahui, a Dravidian language isolated for several thousand years from other members of the family. It has nearly 2 million speakers.

    • ‘Certainly, I can understand both Brahui and Balochi.’
    • ‘Some speak Farsi, while others speak Brahui, a member of the Dravidian, pre-Aryan, language group of India.’
    • ‘In settled areas such as the Sind region where Brahui children are more likely to attend school, they are taught in the local language rather than in Brahui.’


  • Relating to the Brahui or their language.

    • ‘The Brahui language is related to the languages spoken in South India.’
    • ‘It is assumed, for example, that sibling solidarity plays a role in Brahui as well as non-Brahui marriage.’
    • ‘No one has as yet published a Brahui kinship terminology.’


From Brahui.