Definition of Brahminical in English:



  • See also Brahmin
    • ‘It will thus facilitate the take-over of the State by the Hindutva forces and the rapid metamorphosis of the Indian society in the Brahminical mould.’
    • ‘Little wonder, too, that the ‘lower’ castes have, over the centuries, flocked in droves to convert to Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism, and Christianity in order to escape from the shackles of the Brahminical system.’
    • ‘The claim of Brahminical intolerance is mischievous and dishonest.’
    • ‘The Brahminical literary tradition regarding Ayodhya is essentially mythological and can't be proved or disproved by archaeology.’
    • ‘Then think of the immense magnitude of the country; think too that we have undermined all fixed moral and religious ideas in the intellectual classes by introducing the science of the West into the midst of Brahminical traditions.’