Definition of Brahmanical in English:



  • See Brahman

    • ‘The protesters believed that the ancient text is the defining document of Brahmanical Hinduism, and also the key source of gender and caste oppression in India.’
    • ‘But the literature, Pali and Sanskrit, Buddhist and Brahmanical, shows that non-monarchical forms of government were omnipresent.’
    • ‘Could one claim to be a Brahman without mastery of Brahmanical learning?’
    • ‘But the Hinayana, and Brahmanical doctrines from Hinduism were taught here too.’
    • ‘If Brahmanical Hindutva had divided the nation into Hindus and non-Hindus to rule the nation, Muslims too should adopt a divide and rule policy if they have any ambition or compulsion to come near the levers of power.’