Definition of Brahmanic in English:


(also Brahminic)


  • See Brahman

    • ‘These Brahmanic ethics, which were perhaps never the norm, seem so remote from our lives in the United States.’
    • ‘The Buddha began his spiritual career during a time of social change, with urban and artisan classes gradually displacing the agrarian order in which the Brahmanic system was entrenched.’
    • ‘With the strengthening of Brahmanic Hinduism and orthodox traditions, the Hindu woman's role within the family and community was redefined in the late 19th century.’
    • ‘In this descent to the world, Viu comes to support a fusion of bhakti, specifically, devotion to Viu, and dharma, or the orthodox Brahmanic social order that bhakti sometimes appears to challenge.’
    • ‘It is a Sanskrit word roughly translatable as music, but in early theoretical treatises meant to embrace a range of practices that included Brahmanic ceremony, song, instrumental music, dance, and certain types of theatre.’