Definition of bradawl in English:



  • A tool for boring holes, resembling a small, sharpened screwdriver.

    • ‘You say there, Mr Tytherleigh, that this beam, although you do not say in your statements where you carried out the test, this beam was not vulnerable to easy penetration with a bradawl?’
    • ‘When she saw the wound she realised she would not be able to take the bradawl out so she called an ambulance.’
    • ‘He had then used the hammer to hit the bradawl and activate the trigger.’
    • ‘The youngster, a Year 10 student, confronted an older pupil with a weapon, believed to be either a knife or a bradawl, a sharp woodworking tool, before punching him.’
    drilling tool, boring tool, rotary tool, auger, bit, brace and bit, gimlet, awl
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Early 19th century: from brad + awl.