Definition of braconid in English:



  • A small parasitic wasp of a family (Braconidae ) which is related to the ichneumons. Unlike the latter, braconids lay numerous eggs in a single host.

    • ‘The eggs hatch and the young braconids feed on the viscera of the hornworm until they pupate as shown in the photo.’
    • ‘Because previous studies showed that the Braconidae has a particularly high A-content, we repeated this test for the Apocrita after removing the braconid.’
    • ‘Braconid females can use the ovipositor, the tube through which eggs are laid, to sting.’
    • ‘We used the braconid Asobara tabida, a parasitoid of Drosophila larvae, as our model species.’
    • ‘Aphids continue to feed on plants tissues until the Braconid larvae inside their bodies completely consume them.’


Late 19th century: from modern Latin Braconidae (plural), formed irregularly from Greek brakhus ‘short’.