Definition of brackishness in English:



  • See brackish

    • ‘During our visit we came across evidence of the brackishness of many of the coastal water supplies, and noticed the lack of locally produced fruit and vegetables.’
    • ‘With each seasonal death of the marsh, some of the carp, crabs, and crayfish succeed in escaping to the brackishness of Sonoma Creek, from which they migrated.’
    • ‘These lovely little drum continued to be rather common this summer, possibly due to the increased brackishness in the Tappan Zee.’
    • ‘When used at the table it imparts a slight saltiness without the brackishness or lip cringing effect of other salts.’
    • ‘Until the drought of the 1960s and 1970s which accentuated brackishness in the river, it was most suitable for rice cultivation all year round.’