Definition of bracket fungus in English:

bracket fungus


  • A fungus which forms shelf-like projections on the trunks of living or dead trees, sending hyphae into the wood and sometimes causing the death of the tree or decay of the timber.

    • ‘It is a sessile wood inhabiting fungus and is commonly known as ‘bracket fungus’.’
    • ‘Two new records of Ceracis cornifer (Mellié) in the Southeast Region of Brazil are presented here, describing the association of this species with the bracket fungus Pycnoporus sanguineus.’
    • ‘The artist's conk is a particular kind of bracket fungus, Ganoderma applanata.’
    • ‘Here you can see the basidiocarp of the bracket fungus growing on the trunk of this tree.’
    • ‘Taken on September 7th in the woods near our house in Kilcolgan, this is obviously some form of bracket fungus.’